Sunday, June 4, 2006

Books Read in 1994

1994 was the second half of my first year of college. That summer I transferred from UNA to Auburn. That year my roommate and I joined a book of the month club. I can still tell you which ones of these came from them and can picture their smaller size.

Books are listed in author order, not order read.

  1. Coming up Roses by Catherine Anderson
  2. Captive Heart by Patti Beckman
  3. Fifty Ways to Be Your Lover by Connie Bennett
  4. Act of Will by Barbara Taylor Bradford
  5. Everything to Gain by Barbara Taylor Bradford
  6. Finding Daddy by ? Christenberry
  7. The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy
  8. All Around the Town by Mary Higgins Clark
  9. I'll Be Seeing You by Mary Higgins Clark
  10. Remember Me by MaryHiggins Clark
  11. Shogun by James Clavell
  12. Rafferty's Angel by Caroline Cross
  13. A Season in Purgatory by Dominick Dunne
  14. Glorious Dawn by Dorothy Garlock
  15. Saving Grace by Julie Garwood
  16. The Secret by Julie Garwood
  17. Baby Makes Three by ? Goldrick
  18. The Chamber by John Grisham
  19. Red Dragon by Thomas Harris
  20. Snowbird by Stef Ann Holm
  21. Masque of Sapphire by Deana James
  22. Two for the Heart by Neels & James
  23. Someone to Watch Over Me by Kenner
  24. Finn's Angel by Kistler
  25. The Door to December by Dean R Koontz
  26. The Funhouse by Dean R Koontz
  27. Feathers and Lace by Leabo
  28. Cruisin' Mr. Diamond by John Leslie
  29. Gone, But Not Forgotten by Phillip Margolin
  30. Fortune's Cookie by Martin
  31. Undue Influence by Steve Martini
  32. Wrong Wife? by McBride
  33. Streets of Laredo by Larry McMurtry
  34. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
  35. Masque of Jade by Emma Merritt
  36. Teddy Bear Heir by Minger
  37. Amber, Sing Softly by Joan Elliot Pickart
  38. The End of Summer by Rosamunde Pilcher
  39. Desires Dawning by Marjorie Price
  40. Couplehood by Paul Reiser
  41. Taltos by Anne Rice
  42. Lasher by Anne Rice
  43. The Witching Hour by Anne Rice
  44. Independence! by Dana Fuller Ross
  45. Sein Language by Jerry Seinfield
  46. The Brainy Beauty by Suzanne Simms
  47. Blaze Wyndham by Bertrice Small
  48. Buried Lives by Nancy Star
  49. Heartbeat by Danielle Steele
  50. Winds of Promise by Victoria Thompson
  51. Wild Texas Wind by Victoria Thompson
  52. Winds of Destiny by Victoria Thompson
  53. Guardian Angel by Linda Winstead
  54. Dead Eyes by Stuart Woods

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